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  • Schermata 2018-01-17 alle 10.20.28

    Machine Learning

    What is machine learning? How does it works? And why is the latest trend everybody is talking about? Script: Camilla Mantella, Chiara Cant...
  • knime_the magic collective

    Knime, the open source analytics...

    At Knime, the leading solution for data-driven innovation, they needed a storytelling with motion graphics to show the world why their open source...
  • keyframe scena tavolo

    Jazzy Legalmail

    In Italy, like in Hong Kong, companies must use certified emails. This is a kind of email whose sending is certified by a neutral third-party. For...
  • stillframe milearning the magic collective

    Milearning: l’e-learning informatico italiano

    This video is about the first 100% italian IT e-learning. English folks, hope you will enjoy the animation at least! Concept / Illustration /...
  • core the magic collective

    Tonello Core

    In a market where everything is allowed, you always play fair. Meet Core, by Tonello. Concept / Shooting / Editing / Color : The Magic Collective...
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9 reasons

why a motion graphics video is what you need


    A commercial or a promotional can show why your product is unique and different from all the others.


    When you need to explain what steps to take, how-to videos are the most effective tool


    How your company has grown and developed is a story that deserves to be told: your skills, experience and personality will do the talking


    Whether it’s a convention or a company party, or a booktrailer, any event is a story to be told.


    Information can be simplified and better understood if presented using an engaging format


    Logo animation can strengthen your brand identity and wow the audience


    Animated infographics are more likely to impress the audience, give an extra appeal and help retain information


    Tell a story, the challenges, the goals and above all its value in a fresh way getting the most from digital storytelling


    Communication-driven approach, added value and wider marketing reach: motion graphics is key to content marketing



What does The Magic Collective do? At first I thought they just produced motion graphics video. There are many suppliers in the market. I hired them for an important project for Provincia di Bolzano and then I realized that they don’t just create awesome videos: they make the viewers happy. That makes a difference.

Manuel Tuozzi, CEO at Archimedia Srl

The Magic Collective guys are very patient and incredibly good at understanding what you need and what you expect to get. The booktrailer they created for my book, “Due gradi e mezzo di separazione” (Sperling&Kupfer), keeps on gaining appreciation every time it is shown and watched but above all it has allowed me to explain a complex theory in a bunch of seconds.

Domitilla Ferrari, Digital Strategist

Chiara at The Magic Collective is a refined and brilliant Art Director. Richly endowed with cultural references, gifted with aesthetic sensitivity and a vivid intellect, she designs cutting-edge visual solutions, adding her very distinguished “magic touch” to every project. Along with her indisputable professional solidity, Chiara is just an utterly delightful person to deal with!

Ferdinando Buscema, Magic Experience Designer

The best thing about working with The Magic Collective is that they can really read your mind, understand what you want and then take you exactly there without forcing their views on anyone.

Alice Testa, Jazz Singer

We were looking for a studio who could help us with our first corporate video: we definitely found what we were looking for… and even more! In just 1 minute and 15 seconds of motion graphics, The Magic Collective managed to squeeze in and convey our mission and corporate values in friendly yet professional way. We were so so happy with the result that will sure work with them again in the future.

Luca Marchiori e Daniele Zenna, CEO at Icrash



Show, don’t tell

Maybe we’ll go to Mars. Maybe computers will become as intelligent as people and we’ll use 3D printers to produce food. What is certain, however, is that we live in an increasingly complex world, ablaze with innovation.
Products and services are keeping pace, offering increasing performance, functionality and structure.  
One of the most interesting challenges today is getting across an idea or a product in an environment full of stimuli and distractions that compete for our attention at every turn. We believe the best way to achieve this effectively is through motion graphics.
An animated video is a magic wand that allows us to take complex concepts and large loads of information, and transform them into simple, useful and interesting content.
Intriguing direction, narrative structure that keeps viewers glued to the screen, animation and design that leave the audience breathless: qualities that will make you fall in love with the most boring report on earth. 


“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass”
Anton Chekhov 

Beautiful isn’t an idea

Nothing is more powerful than a fresh idea, full of significance.
Try this: is there something you remember from your childhood? Birthday cakes and bad falls probably come to mind. But we bet advertising is also one of those early memories.
 Ideas – true ideas – don’t easily disappear. Years of experience in advertising remind us that each day starts with a deep understanding of what motivates our target audience. We put ideas at the center of everything we do, and we enjoy communicating these ideas in ways that best embody Made in Italy style and design: charm, elegance, creativity and aesthetic refinement down to the last detail.
Transforming tradition to brilliant rendition.


“Animation…it’s really very simple, and like anything that is simple, it is about the hardest thing in the world to do”
Bill Tytla | Walt Disney Studio


A truly magic collective

The Magic Collective began in Vicenza in 2012 as a personal project by Chiara Cant. Yes – a collective with just one person! After all, a magic collective should be given a bit of leeway, right?
Chiara has over 10 years of experience in traditional and digital media. She began her career in advertising  with Young & Rubicam in Milan, developing concepts for Barilla, Allianz, Alfa Romeo and Unicredit. She continued her profession as a graphic designer with several ad agencies until her love for animation was too strong to keep it as a side job.
As projects continued to arrive, The Magic Collective became a collective in the true sense of the word. Today, Chiara collaborates with 2D/3D artists, graphic designers, problem solvers and art directors from all over the world.


“We’re made up of a number of parts, but we’re asked to search the One
Carl Gustav Jung


For collaborations or just to say hi:


+39 327 1388535